Dr. Craig Robinson
Practice Information

I am a clinical and forensic psychologist in full-time private practice in Honolulu since 1975. I received my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Hawaii in 1974.

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My practice involves teaching clients a variety of strategies to increase their problem solving skills. Emphasis is on short-term approaches to help individuals, couples, and families learn to have more enjoyable, satisfying, and productive lives. A significant portion of my practice involves working with individuals and couples with a wide variety of problems. Typical concerns or areas of conflict might include ineffective communication, finance, sex, in-laws, children, work, socialization, etc. I typically focus on acquainting individuals and couples with options and alternatives they may not have considered, particularly if current ways are not working that well.

I am also very involved with conflict resolution techniques, especially mediation. At this time mediation is limited to divorce and family issues. My forensic practice currently involves such activities as court appointed mental evaluations, custody guardian ad litem appointments for divorce and custody matters, and assessment of sexual behavior problems.